Welcome to NaoCollection

The Italian brand NEO regularly exhibits at the major interior decoration and design fairs where we discovered it. We created a collaboration with the Mori Art Museum boutique in Tokyo, where it features prominently. We then expanded our collection with accessories created by other French and European artists.

We then extended our reach to shops, concept shops and hotels all over Japan, and the famous fashion designer Junko Koshino became a customer of NaoCollection and bought a necklace from the NEO brand.

For the past ten years, as a bridge between Japan and France, we have been introducing European and French artists to Japan and, in return, working with Japanese cashmere scarf brand Caleido.

The accessories and scarves selected by NaoCollection are individually handmade and the models are of high quality with a sophisticated, refined and minimalist style.

The sophisticated, minimalist design will never go out of fashion and will last for many years.

Take a look at the different accessories that have been selected after living in Paris, a city where the sense of beauty is sharpened.